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This needs to stop I am about to self combust

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jurassic park from the raptors’ perspective 

There is no need for me to reblog those sad or “Happy being single” posts. Things happened and we are not together. I have nothing bad to say about her. I’m not going to try and convince myself that I am happier being single or try to make her feel jealous or bad. I still love her. That’ll never change. Even when I meet someone else. She will hold a special place in my heart. You don’t take on the adventure of moving in together and trying to start a life together and not get fond memories from it. In the end I want her to be happy and enjoy her life.
September to remember.

Friend of mine passed away and at his memorial I learned a few things I hope some of you remember if I pass and FWD this to my mother and family.

I came to the realization that I want to be cremated. I only want a memorial service.

1. I do not want it to be super religious. A few words are great I want my friends in Ministry (mainly Max Samples). to deliver them. NOBODY ELSE!

2. I want it to be a celebration. Bring booze.

3. Do not feel shy to speak of our memories together. I want the most inappropriate and nastiest stories told. I’m dead. Don’t try to save face. Make people laugh and remember who I really was. 

4. Bring Zeus. 

5. Just have it somewhere close and easy for everyone to get to and I request everyone wear normal clothes, Don’t dress up.

6. I want my car friends to do memorial burnouts rev those fucking engines and make smoke!

7. Play some good music. Govt Mule, Gorilla Zoe. Deadmau5, mix it up. Matt Poole will be key here.

8. Andrew Combs gets to make my urn have some sort of techy shit on it.

9. Everyone gets a hug from a stranger. I want everyone to be friends when they leave.

10. Ashes…  Down I-85 south near the Varsity (matt poole) Some in Helen and Clarkesville (Drew Combs and that crew) Panther Creek in Toccoa (Seth Harris) off Broken Bridges at Lake Hartwell (family) Off Niagra Falls (Family) Do with what you want with the rest.

10. Read this list at the memorial. Cause if these aren’t met then I will haunt the fuck out of you! (Aunt Debbie I’ll come set off your ghosty gear no worries)

I do have a life insurance policy. Contact work for details.

"Of course, dogs are a pretty poor judge of human beauty. But I had a rough idea of what to look for." 101 Dalmatians, 1961