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I have to reboot this today!


I have to reboot this today!



William looks like he’s thinking, “Geez, son, settle down!” in the first gif! Haha

so ambitious

I’ve found that your co-workers and friends from work really don’t have your best interest in mind…
If I listened to them I’d probably be in jail.
As far as giving advice some is good and some is “evil” I use the term evil because some people don’t really care about you. They feed off the drama of your life choices and often encourage the most “exciting” one. They are parasites that feed off other peoples lives because either they have a crappy life or they have a screw loose and don’t really care. So with this in mind I try to always think for myself in a rational manner and make sure the choices I make are best for me and not under the influence of another individual. Because sometimes the people we work with become close as family and we trust their judgment. Plus they only see one side of the story.

Thinking for yourself is not a crime.

This week has been not so good. I’m having to work like 68 hrs this week. 20 of it unpaid (woohoo salary)
I’m fighting to save my relationship or just trying to come to terms with the facts. Exploring new career options and having a heck of time just staying positive and not either crawling in a corner and crying or murdering the next person to be stupid.
But today I had a pleasant surprise. I have a friend who also works for my company in another town about 30 miles away. I’ve known him since I started with the company and him being just a few years older and us acting so much the same and having the same interest he has always called me his little brother. I’ve seen him get out of a nasty relationship, get engaged, get married and now he has a awesome kid.
I’ve only met his wife a handful of times seeing as how everything we deal with or see each other around is work related. But the few times I’ve seen her she acts like we are old friends and is a hilarious person to be around.
Well today at work when I felt like the world was going to explode and I was at my limit this lady walks in comes around the counter and just wraps me in a huge hug. Between her work scrubs and giant sunglasses I almost didn’t recognize her as my friends wife but she came out of her way today to just see me and basically talk for a few minutes and hug me to death.
She said she had heard I was having a hard time and wanted to just stop by and catch up and see if I needed anything.

Good people are hard to find. But they can change your day around in an instant.

Physically I’m a strong person.
I can handle 3 years of chemotherapy, broken bones, endless cuts and knicks and even a broke tooth. I’ve had knee surgery a year after I screwed my knee up simply because I thought it would go away. I had a cyst cut out from the tendons on my wrist and I’ve done some really stupid stuff and just walked it off.

Give me a broken heart and I’m gonna cry like a little bitch though.